How To Find And Remove A Dead Possum From Your Home?

Possums are slow and can’t escape their predators. They pretend to be dead when they encounter their predators as they’re unable to outrun them. So you should double-check if the possum is dead or not. Do not touch a dead possum or any other dead wild animal if you have an open wound because it increases the risk of infections. 

Here we’ll discuss how to find and remove a dead possum from your home. Keep up to know everything about it from start to finish. In this blog, you’ll discover how to manage a dead possum in a pet-friendly and eco-friendly way. Although possums barely cause any damage, they can be a source of new problems for you when they can break into your house in search of food. 

How To Tell If A Possum Is Playing Dead Or Is Actually Dead?

It is crucial to deal with a dead possum as early as possible if the said possum has wandered into your backyard or inside your house. You can deal with the problem on your own or you can consult a possum removal expert. A possum’s body that is decaying will emit a foul smell around your property and stay for around 2 months. That odour will also attract other predators looking for food. You will also encounter a lot of flies around the area. If the carcass is not removed on time, the odour will make it hard for you to walk and eat around your own house. Hence it is important to take this as a priority if you ever find yourself in this situation. 

You must wonder then how to find and remove a dead possum from your home. Before answering that question you should first know, How to locate a dead possum? 

Possums are an issue in and around your lawn/ backyard area, particularly when they feed on trampled vegetables. They can also break into your house to visit your garbage bins or attack your pet’s food. The following points can help you out with this problem:

  • The smell/odour of the dead possum would be the biggest indicator. You’d have to locate where the smell of the carcass is the strongest.
  • Once you have located the place of smell, you need to check the nearby area, wall cavities, ducts and vents carefully for the body.

Where Are You Most Likely To Find A Possum?

The best way to fight a possum problem is to first know about their everyday routine. Like where they’re most likely to be found or what kind of environment they prefer.

  • Possums prefer a woodland environment with water around that area.
  • These notorious animals can be located nestled in the ground, places below your patio, vents, ducts etc.
  • You should also know that possums are effective only at nighttime. This can make it harder for you to locate them.

Now to answer the second part of your question on how to find and remove a dead possum from your home?

What Procedures To Take When You Find A Dead Possum? 

The primary problem with a dead animal is the odour. The odour may be slight at first, but after about three days after the death of the animal, the odour can be quite strong. Exposing a dead possum can be simple as well as very difficult but always dirty. 

  • Dead possum In Wall: the possums can survive in walls or fall down a chimney and are unable to escape. To find a dead animal in the wall, you sniff and sniff until you find the right spot, then cut a hole to remove the carcass.
  • Dead Possum In Vents: If there is a dead possum in the ducts, finding and removing them can be a tedious job. The job is made easier by the strong stench coming from the specific vent, and then the carcass can be traced back to an approximation of the spot where the dead animal lies.
  • Dead Possum Below The House: Possums live under houses with a porch, in confined spaces. They sometimes die there due to various reasons. As these are larger animals, their odour can last up to several weeks, even two months. 

Cleaning Up After Removing The Dead Possum

After removing the dead possum, you should bag it and then incinerate it. You should mop up any blood or fluids, and spray down the area where the body was found with any biological cleaner which breaks down molecules and can help with the odour. Open the doors and windows so that the smell disappears very quickly once the carcass is removed. If all these works seem like a lot of problems to you, you can reach out to a local possum catcher near you. You can get the relevant help from them in all possum removal situations. 


Do not panic when you have found that dead possums are on your property. You can easily get rid of them using the knowledge given above. Always ensure that your health and your family’s health should not be compromised by any means when such actions are going on your property. Hire to CBD Possum Removal for possum removal service.