How To Clean Your Sofa Just Like A Professional?

A house without furniture is like a canvas waiting for realising its beauty. Out of all other furniture items, the sofa has now become a vital part of our lives. Besides providing comfort it has now become our daily necessity. It is known widely by different names such as a couch, settee, etc. Just like all other items it too needs to be cleaned regularly. Clean your sofa just like a professional at home on your own.

But What Is The Need Of Cleaning A Sofa?

The first benefit to cleaning your sofa is it saves money. You can also protect the wear & tear by regular cleaning and bigger damages. It keeps the sofa fresh and comfortable and its appearance and its beauty are maintained, as cleaning eliminates stains, odour, dirt, grime, etc. It provides a clean, safe, and healthy environment with positive vibes all around which automatically gives peace to our inner selves and mind.

How Can We Clean The Sofa Just Like A Professional?

This would be the question that might be coming to your mind, right? So let me tell you there are too many ways to Clean your sofa. 

Regular Vacuum Cleaning:-

Let us start with vacuum; doing vacuum thoroughly and regularly keeps it clean and dirt-free as it sucks dirt particles from lower layers as well.

Use A Dry Cloth For Cleaning:-

If There are liquid stains on the sofa then clean them immediately. Use any dry cloth immediately to soak up excess liquid and always keep an eye when you eat or drink something while sitting on the sofa. Using a cleaning product is also not a bad idea but always try to test the product first somewhere where it is unnoticeable to check for undesired effects like fabric discoloration. These were some normal household methods to clean our sofa. Our couch steam cleaner team is ready 24 by 7 to help you. We make sure that all the equipment that we need is always ready.

Do You Know What Professionals Do To Clean It?

And the best part is we can do it in our homes, YES you heard it right we can do it at home. 

Requirement:- Distilled water, bucket, vacuum cleaner, a clean cloth which does not leave colour, liquid dishwasher, & vinegar.

Procedure:- Vacuum the area to take out dirt particles if any then in a bucket put distilled water with 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwasher and one tablespoon of vinegar. Put the cloth in the solution and clean any stained area with it, do not scrub as it can destroy the fabric. Now take another dry cloth and wipe it in distilled water and clean the area with it. Put on the fan to let it dry.


Sofas are one of the most used furniture pieces in every home. Whether you want to relax or spend a peaceful time. So, you can clean your sofa regularly by following the outlined measures. Clean your sofa just like a professional at your home. You can also hire couch cleaner to maintain your sofa for a long time.