How Much Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Cost

Steam cleaning is a common technique for preserving and restoring the cleanliness of carpets. It is a reliable method for removing allergies, stains, and deep-seated filth from carpets, resulting in a clean and fresh living space. You probably have a lot of questions regarding carpet steam cleaning if you’ve never done it before. The arrangement of the room, total area, the kind and depth of the stain, as well as the size, style, and position of the carpet, all affect the final cost. However, it’s crucial to get an understanding of the average cost of steam cleaning carpet before selecting a service. To help you in making a decision, we will examine how much carpet steam cleaning costs in this blog post. 

Factors Of Average Cost Of Steam Cleaning Carpet

As we already explained, several variables might affect the cost of carpet steam cleaning. You should at least have a basic awareness of all the factors that affect price before choosing a Carpet Cleaning in Mawson Lakes. A good estimate for carpet steam cleaning cost for your entire house will be around $270 to $500. The price of steam-cleaning carpets is affected by several factors. 

Carpet area: The price will increase as per the carpeted area to be steam cleaned. Professional steam cleaning services vary in how much they charge, with some charging by the individual square foot and others by the overall square footage. This means that they might charge between $80 and $120 for a space that is between 200 and 240 square feet.

Condition of the carpet stains: Different stains demand different cleaning procedures, materials, and strategies. Some organic stains, particularly those brought on by spilled food and drink, are more challenging to eliminate than those brought on by dirt, or mud on natural carpeting. The staining’s severity is still another important consideration. Naturally, the cost to steam clean extremely filthy or discoloured carpets is higher. The difficult stains require more time and effort to remove, which raises the cost of steam cleaning in general.

Carpet type: Cotton carpets are extremely hard to clean, in contrast to nylon, Berber, and polyester carpets. They need extra care to avoid damage because they are delicate and sensitive textiles. Different carpet types require different tools and methods. Thus, a major cost factor can be the kind of carpet or the material of the carpet.

Space configuration: The carpet cleaning business will charge you extra if the carpeting area is difficult to reach or blocked by a lot of furnishings, which the cleaners must move. By shifting the furniture before the carpet cleaners’ arrival, you may simply avoid that extra expense. Be aware that some carpet cleaning machinery needs a lot of areas to move about. You should therefore provide enough room for that.

Carpet damage: For steam-cleaning carpets that show symptoms of damage, certain cleaning providers may charge an additional fee. You will spend more money on carpet cleaning than you would on one that hasn’t been split, stained, or burned.

Location: The price of carpet steam cleaning varies greatly across Australia. Because of this, your location might have a big impact on the cost. For instance, the price of commercial cleaning using steam could be more expensive than the price of steam cleaning in a city or town with a lower cost of living. The general cost of steam cleaning services can vary from one specific area to another depending on the cost of living and rivalry within the area.

The cost to the companies: The fees charged by the cleaning firm are one of the many significant aspects that might affect how much it will cost to steam clean carpets. You should anticipate that prices will vary because different professional carpet cleaners charge differently. Some businesses quote by the hour, while others may bill by the room. If you meet certain requirements, several carpet cleaning firms could potentially provide generous discounts. 

Additional services: Some steam cleaning companies also provide extra services like cleaning for rugs, upholstery, or stain protection. These services will come with additional costs.

So, before selecting a company for carpet cleaning services, be careful to discuss the price.

Tips to Reduce The Average Cost Of Steam Cleaning Carpet:

Although steam cleaning is an investment in keeping your carpets clean, there are options to cut expenses:

Routine Maintenance: Regular vacuuming of your carpets and timely stain removal can assist avoid the buildup of filth and lessen the need for prolonged steam cleaning sessions. Vacuuming your carpets regularly will help keep them from becoming very unclean. Your carpets will require more frequent cleaning the less you vacuum. Additionally, with time, dirt and dust accumulation can result in significant stains, which can raise the expense of carpet cleaning.

Add entryway floor mats: It’s vital to lay floor mats at the entrances since muddy shoes track mud and filth all over the carpet. To avoid heavily soiled carpets, wipe bare feet onto these floor mats prior enter the main building.

Preparation for cleaning: Before the cleaning team arrives, remove all furniture, toys, and other clutter from the carpeted area to save time and money on labour. While the carpet cleaners come up, ensure that you move your belongings out of the way. Professional cleaners would charge more if they moved the furniture themselves instead of waiting for you to do it.


We have mentioned how much carpet steam cleaning costs, and the factors that affect the price range. Steam cleaning carpets is an efficient method to keep them fresh and clean. The average cost per room ranges from $25 to $45 average. A good estimate for carpet steam cleaning cost for your entire house will be around $270 to $500. But it’s important to take into account several variables that might impact the cost. You can choose the ideal solution that meets your needs and your budget by doing some research and checking quotes from several steam cleaning service companies. Keep in mind that keeping your carpets clean not only improves the look of your house but also creates a healthier living space.

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