Guide for Carpet Cleaning Spot Removal

Some things are worth buying. They add an extra charm to your home, office, hotels, etc. A nice looking carpet is one of these. But why is it important to have a good carpet? The answer is simple, it adds to your comfort and is more pleasing to the eyes than a concrete floor. Carpet is also one thing that someone will observe instantly when he/she steps foot at your place. Whether it is the client who is visiting your office premises or friends coming over for dinner, carpet steals the show initially. If you have filthy carpets than you can contact professional carpet cleaning. You can check our blog Carpet Cleaning Brisbane: Tips For Protection & Cleaning.

An Unclean Carpet Can be your Worst Nightmare:

Everybody cares about cleanliness these days. The standards of living have evolved and people are striving to have a healthy life. You do not want your employees or your loved ones to live in a dirty environment. Moreover, unclean surroundings means more breathing issues, infections and allergies. Unlike many other things, carpet has the tendency to trap dust and absorb liquid spills. This leads to extra risk of health concerns.

What are The Disadvantages or Threats of Having an Unclean Carpet?

An unclean carpet can leave a bad impression and social embarrassment. The dirt and liquid spill on the carpet is a big NO as it means inviting germs, allergies, infection and may be fungal growth too. Your kids and pets are prone to allergies and infections. The allergies are contagious. So, it means other people affect by it. It can be a bigger problem in offices and hospitals. You can check our blog How To Get Rid of Smelling Carpets?

One of the other things to realise is that the carpet and its installation is not a pocket-friendly bid. So where dust is a problem, liquid and food spills, soiled legs, bloodstains in hospitals, etc. can be a bigger challenge to deal with than you think. Spots and stains are not easy to remove and it will be an enormous and time-consuming task to clean carpet.

It’s Time to Start Thinking:

Though most people are aware of the consequences of an unclean environment, they still neglect it. A basic thing like carpet is the one to start with your cleaning expedition. Now, dirt is one thing, but stains, spots and marks are something which can be irritating and hard to remove. So, even if you are ready to devote your precious time for carpet cleaning, you will still have to take into account multiple things –

The carpet should be washable for carpet dry cleaning and should be best suited for your home.

There should be enough resources like cloth, tissues, cleaning agents, necessary tools, etc.

You should know about your carpet and the material of which it is made of. Sounds tough, isn’t it?

You should have the skills to clean and not damage the carpet.

Please note that the above mentioned points are only limited to home carpet cleaning. Needless to say, it will be an almost impossible task to apply in offices, hospitals, etc.

What Options Do We Have?

Carpet Disinfection and Carpet Sanitization are popular terms that have evolved in the carpet cleaning industry.

Carpet Sanitising: This will make the carpet clean just enough so that you can live in a good environment. This may remove dirt and stains, but will not be effective against microorganisms and germs. So you will still be prone to health issues. The stains will seem to be gone, but will still be sitting deep inside the carpet fibres.

Carpet Disinfection: As the name suggests, if you need a healthy home, then this carpet deep cleaning method is your best bet. It will not only help in removing impurities and stains but will also help in eliminating the harmful germs, bacteria, and micro-organisms.

It seems a difficult task, but let us look at what options do we have if we have to go ahead with carpet cleaning all by ourselves:
Vacuum Cleaning – This widely used method can help remove dust using suction techniques, but is kind of futile when it comes to removing stains. You can also use dust mops, but again they are not effective for deep cleaning. You can hire carpet steam cleaning services to get better results. 

Blot Stain – Take a cleaning solution, with a clean cloth, paper towels or sponge and try to soak the stain from the carpet. You should have a proper idea of which solution will be best for your carpet. Also, you will have to be gentle enough as to not damage the carpet and the fibres. This can lead to a permanently damaged carpet.

Club Soda / Alcohol / Vinegar –  ​Alcohol can be used to clean the carpet or upholstery items. You can also use a combination of club soda and white vinegar. Vinegar has disinfectant properties, while club soda will help in removal of stains. You can create a mixture of club soda and vinegar in the right amount and sprinkle on the stained carpet. Leave it for 10-15 minutes so that it gets properly soaked in the affected area. Dab the affected area with a clean sponge / cloth. Once the stains are removed, rinse the area with warm clean water and let the carpet air dry.
Hydrogen Peroxide – Carpets are prone to stubborn stains of blood, vomiting, etc , especially in hospitals and homes. You can take water, mix with a mild detergent and apply it on the stain affected area. After some time, you will need to scrape off the area. If this method does not work, apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide directly on the stains. The solution will absorb stains from the carpet fibres and make it clean.

Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda can also be a good contender when dealing with bloodstains or baby bedwetting. Lemon juice and salt solution can be other alternatives. Also you can check out our blog Will Carpet Cleaning Survive The Recession.

What are The Challenges?

Challenges are clear. It’s not an easy task to perform carpet cleaning at home. You need to have expertise, knowledge, and skills in this area. Time and effort are other factors including the damage concerns which could be permanent. Also, you will have no guarantee of the level of cleaning achieved if you go for it without guidance. You can never be 100% sure.

Not to forget, it will be a futile attempt in big places like offices, hotels and hospitals. So ultimately, you are still at risk of exposing yourself and people around you to health hazards.

What is The Safe and Better Option? Hire Our Professionals

Carpet Sanitization as mentioned earlier can be useful in carpet cleaning and carpet spot removal, but it will still pose a threat of germs, bacteria, etc. which are hiding deep inside the carpet.

Carpet deep cleaning is the best option. It will not only deep clean your carpet from germs, organisms, bacterial or fungal growth, but will also help in carpet stains and spot removal effectively.

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