DIY Home Solutions To Eliminate Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches without any uncertainty are the most disgusting pests that can be ever seen. Some people even refuse to face them personally because of their dirty appearance and fear of getting in touch with them. Cockroaches spread their colonies quickly hence, it becomes crucial to control them on time. But many cockroach repellents that are available in the markets contain harmful chemicals; when inhaled can lead to many complications and they are further bad for kids, pets and the environment as well. 

Perfect DIYs For Cockroach Infestation Elimination At Home

Hiring a professional pest control company for cockroach control perhaps seems to be expensive for some people. But there is a better alternative such as implementing DIY home solutions to eliminate cockroach infestations. You can execute these all by yourself upon gathering the requirements like the following:

  • Lemons

Lemon is one of the citrus family members and is one of the best repellents for cockroaches and more importantly their infestations. In fact, for nymphs residing in cockroach infestations, lemons act as a great deterrent. However, if you want to eliminate the infestations of cockroaches from your home, then you have to implement a DIY method. Here, you need to squeeze a lemon into a bucket of water and use this as a solution for mopping your floors throughout the property. Once cockroaches smell this, in no time they leave your place. 

  • Baking Soda

Do you want to find the fastest, easiest and hassle-free DIY method to eliminate cockroach infestations? Count on your pantry ingredient- Baking soda. In fact, with baking soda at hand, you can make cockroach baits by dicing a few onions into pieces and sprinkling baking soda over them. Now, this acts as an appetiser to attract cockroaches on short notice. So, take this into a shallow dish plate to place it in the area you find cockroach activity. And when roaches come in contact with baking soda over onion, they come to consume it, which in turn bursts their body as gases create in their stomach. Thus, if you find cockroaches’ frequent activity, you can place this shallow dish in all those places. 

  • A Mix Of Ingredients 

Blend a mixture of hydrogen borate, sugar, coffee powder and white starch. The cockroaches get attracted to the smell of this mixture and will eventually die after eating it. While you gather different ingredients to implement such a method, you also have to know that each of them has the power to tackle roach infestation as a whole. However, it is advisable to keep it away from your pets.

  • Borax With White Table Sugar

An excellent way of killing roaches and eliminating their infestations is to use borax along with white table sugar. All you have to do to find effective results out of this DIY implementation is to combine both of these ingredients in equal parts. Then, dust it in areas cockroach infested. The property of borax that helps you eliminate cockroaches as a whole infestation is that it dehydrates roaches rapidly. So, if you want to adopt a DIY trick to eliminate both cockroaches and their nymphs, then this is the method you are looking for.  

  • Boric Acid

The most affordable, effective, non-toxic, easiest and natural way of eliminating cockroach infestations is to use boric acid. Although boric acid is harmless to people and their pets, it is a way to tackle cockroach colonies in the shortest time. As boric acid is a powder form, you can sprinkle it over the areas where cockroaches frequent. And once cockroaches come in contact with boric acid, their wings and legs get stuck with it. Moreover, if roaches consume boric acid, it directly affects their digestive system and central nervous system. Therefore, sprinkle a generous amount of boric acid onto a plate and place this wherever you find cockroaches roaming.

  • Essential Oils

When you plan to use a natural cockroach repellent rather than gather different requirements, you can go with essential oils. Although almost all the essential oils give positive results, peppermint and lemongrass give the most satisfying outcomes. Thus, take any of these essential oils to mix in a cup of water and pour this into a clean and dry spray bottle. Now, you are all set to spray this solution and thus spray it over areas where you find cockroach infestations. If you want to use other alternative essential oils, you can go for rosemary, lime, citrus and oregano. 

  • Coffee

The aroma of coffee will attract roaches. Upend the cut top part on top making a tube. Cockroaches will penetrate from the top being tempted by the smell but won’t be able to run quickly. Put it near their lair. This will confine them and disturb their movements from one place to another. So, if you want to implement this method, you have to take a large number of coffee grounds as only then can you implement a cockroach infestation. 


If you find the information provided in this “DIY home solutions to eliminate cockroaches infestations blog, do implement them. However, if you do not want to purchase or gather all the necessary ingredients to implement any of these DIYs, then you can instead choose professionals. Professional pest control services can be very helpful in making your pest-free safely and promptly. Moreover, you can even verify their licences and certificates while doing a background check with their respective company. Many professional pest control companies do offer 24/7 bookings as a part of their customer care. So, do hire the right cockroach pest control treatment!

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